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Google Classroom: An empowering tool in developing student voice

Session 2
Kilolo Moyo-White — Educolor, Global Leadership Academy Charter School

Through exposure to twitter, Educator and The Writer's Project, my instructional tool kit has expanded ten fold, over the past year. Going a new school teaching 8th grade ELA I knew I wanted to make an impact upon the scholars writing as my main priority. So when I created our academy's Google Classroom pages I never fully understood the impact this program and edutech programing would have upon my classes academic outcomes. Through this workshop Mrs. Moyo-White will engage participants in an authentic discussion on how to maximize the use and functions of Google classroom in a 1 to 1 computer based Common Core ELA classroom.

Conversational Practice

Using the essential question: How can teachers maximize the potential of Google Classroom and other Edutech mediums, while fostering an environment to empower youth voices with Common Core classrooms? Participants will actively engage in conversation on how to use edutech mediums to enhance instruction and how this medium fosters youth voices. Scholars from Global Leadership Academy will share in this conversation as testimony to the power of this medium. Using specific examples from the engageNY curriculum participants will examine focus group outcome examples and scholars will share their perspective on the impact upon their learning.

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