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Unleashing Student Superpowers

Session 2
Hadley Ferguson, Kristen Swanson — Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, BrightBytes

What does it take to move the power in the classroom from the teacher to the student? Teachers are experimenting with new ways of empowering the learners in their classrooms. We ask the question: What will turn passive students into heroes in their own learning? Through participation in a variety of activities that model student powers, we investigate what new skills and strengths, students need in the digital age. Many of these are new for teachers and for students. We look at the steps that educators can take to learn these skills and pass them onto their students. We also discuss what student empowerment looks like in the classroom and share amongst ourselves what works and what hasn’t.

Conversational Practice

We will use a series of interactive activities (analyzing student work in a gallery walk, evaluating engagement, etc.) to warm up the group. Then we will use conversational protocols to make meaning of both the research and our experiences. We'll end the session with the time for groups to create commitments to student superpowers.

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Kristen Swanson
Kristen Swanson


Kristen Swanson

Hadley and I are so excited to learn with you at Educon 2014! If you want to learn more about our topic, visit http://studentsuperpowers.com/ and check out the Educon page! See you in January!

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