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The Language of Learning Space Design

Session 1
David Jakes, Karina Ruiz — David Jakes Designs LLC Karina

How we perceive, describe, and imagine the spaces in which learning occurs is influenced by our personal and shared experiences, by the roles we assume, and by even by our profession. These factors contribute to the development of a lens that shapes how each individual sees space, and its role as a contributory factor in learning.

Designing effective learning spaces begins by understanding the individual perceptions and beliefs associated with space that people have, and unifying that understanding into a composite language that supports the design of spaces that matter.

In this conversation, we’ll explore the intersection of learning, space, design thinking, and how a shared language creates an organizational capacity for design. We’ll challenge you to begin developing the language of a educator-designer-linguist to support the creation of a more expansive design lens. And, through a variety of ethnographic techniques, we’ll help you build a vocabulary that can form the foundation of an emergent language capable of supporting the creation of next-generation spaces for learning.

Conversational Practice

This conversation focuses on challenging participants perceptions about the spaces in which students learn, and how those perceptions potentially influence the design of spaces. As such, participants will engage in a variety of ethnographic techniques that are designed to create conversation, encourage interpretation of visual imagery, define and clarify perspectives, patterns and directions, and contribute those to a shared understanding of meaning associated with the language of design.

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