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TAKING IT BACK- Reclaiming Media Integrity

Session 6
Douglas Herman- Founding Director, Rough Cut Media; Susan Poulton- Chief Digital Officer, The Franklin Institute

Now more than ever our society depends on the development of deep and nuanced relationships with media. In an era of deliberately misleading news, false narratives and an utter lack of social media responsibility, it feels imperative that we prepare our students for what comes next. Yet, in many ways it is the other way around with our students having more savvy and versatility when it comes to interactions with media from multiple sources. Regardless of where we receive our information we still must ask ourselves "Who made this?" "Who paid for it?, "Who does it target?", "How will this impact the public?", "Who benefits from widespread consumption and belief?" We also have to consider new ways, or perhaps reapply tried and true standards, to media discourse both online and in print media.

Conversational Practice

The latest in our ongoing series about fostering deep relationships with media, this conversation brings students, teachers, administrators and parents into the fold and asks us all to consider modifications to our individual and collective relationships with media. This conversation will be guided by Douglas Herman- Founder of Rough Cut Media and Susan Poulton- Chief Digital Officer at The Franklin Institute as well as current and former SLA students who have made the leap from consumers to media creators. After engaging in conversation with panel of students, attendees will have opportunities to discuss ways media has shaped their lives and communities. The latter part of our session will center on developing ideas and creative ways to reclaim media integrity within our larger society and our respective.

Rough Cut Media is dedicated to inspiring critical relationships with media, and fostering community-specific approaches to increase access to media creation tools for all students.

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