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Rethinking Our School Pedagogy for Sustainable Redesign

Session 3
Stefanie Londo, Bethany Parker, Denise Logan, Stephannie Hannan, Stacy Schwab, Bill Griffin — John Hancock Demonstration School- Labrum Campus w/ School District of Philadelphia

In 2015, Labrum Middle School decided to apply for the Philadelphia School District’s School Redesign Initiative. Working with Inquiry Schools, we spent the remainder of the 2015-2016 school year planning out and rethinking how we did school at Labrum especially in light of discovering what we value and we could align that with the crafting of a mission and vision so we could provide this for our kids. This session seeks to discuss our challenges and wins and our experiences as we redesigned the school experiences for our students and staff. We want to encourage conversations around our next steps and continued journey as well as inspire others to begin thinking carefully about changes they would like to implement and create some practical planning around making them happen.

Conversational Practice

Our practice begins with some chalk talk where people have the opportunity to express what changes and challenges come with redesigning an existing school within a traditional school system. We will then take this time to discuss Labrum’s redesign process and what we experienced as we went through it. There will be some opportunity for questions and conversations. Our participants will then work on a What. So What, Now What protocol to think and work through a change they would like to see within their own school.

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