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Making PBL Personal

Session 4
Barbara Bray — Personalize Learning, LLC

The main idea of the conversational focus is to discuss project-based learning and share ideas how teachers can encourage voice and choice with each of the PBL elements. We will discuss the following questions: 1. What is the difference of PBL vs. Projects? 2. How can you engage your learners as soon as you introduce the topic? 3. How can you have your learners take more responsibility in their roles in their group? 4. Why is it important to include Knows and Needs to Know? 5. How do you have your learners pitch their ideas and provide constructive feedback? 6. What types of assessment works so the PBL becomes more personal for each learner?

Conversational Practice

The conversational protocols: 1. Save the Last Word for Me involving research around the questions. 2. Sharing Best Practices 3. Design Thinking Process: Yes, But — Yes, And 4. What? So What? Now What?

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Barbara Bray
Barbara Bray
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