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Hacking Project Based Learning

Session 2
Ross Cooper, Erin Murphy — Salisbury Township School District, East Penn School District, https://psumurphette.com

In this session, we will explore a 10-step (somewhat) linear process that contributes to effective project based learning: establishing a culture of inquiry and creativity, teaching collaboration skills, connecting standards to enduring understandings, turning enduring understandings into a project based plan, transforming enduring understandings into student-created essential questions, facilitating student-created checklists, driving student learning with conferencing and feedback, integrating direct instruction as necessary, determining the need for summative assessments, infusing reflection and publishing.

Conversational Practice

Conversation will be built around the 10 aforementioned steps, in regards to "where we are" and how we can move forward for the benefit of our students.

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Presenter Profiles

Ross Cooper
Ross Cooper
Salisbury Township School District
Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy
East Penn School District


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