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EduCon Cryptoparty

Session 3
Audrey Watters, Bill Fitzgerald — Hack Education, Common Sense Media

Different people experience the need for privacy in different ways. This session acknowledges that reality, and uses it as a starting point for the conversation. In this session, Audrey Watters and Bill Fitzgerald will share tips on how to make informed decisions about how we can use technology safely, and about how the definition of "safe" use varies by context. This session doesn't approach privacy or security as an absolute "thing" to be achieved. Rather, we see choices around privacy and security as options we should all be able to access. In the coming months and years, we will all want privacy in different ways, for different reasons. This session will provide resources to help people get started, and resources for people who have already begun to protect their online privacy who want to take their practice up a notch.

Conversational Practice

The tools and resources collected for this session will all be shared via blog posts and GitHub pages. Whenever possible, we will highlight open source and freely available components. The goal here isn't to rattle off a series of technical tools; rather, we want to highlight the personal choices that can affect our private information.

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Bill Fitzgerald
Bill Fitzgerald
Common Sense Media


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