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Computer Science For All - Cutting through the opportunities, challenges, and confusion

Session 4
Gary S. Stager Ph.D. — Constructing Modern Knowledge

Creative educators should lead the movement to teach all kids to program, but only after goals are clarified and “ C4All” (Computer Science for All) is defined. This session will explore the mutually supportive nature of making and computer science education, while cutting through the confusion associated with the latest "opportunity" being delivered to schools. Exciting examples of what programming across the curriculum look like will be shared and 10 powerful ideas of teaching CS discussed.

The presenter has four decades worth of experience teaching K-12 computer science in schools across the globe and is on the advisory board of the NSF-funded, BJC4NYC: Bringing a Rigorous Computer Science Principles Course to NYC.

Conversational Practice

Ten principles of teaching computer science to all kids across the curriculum will be shared and discussed. There will be at least one minds-on computational thinking experience planned for the session.

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