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Appealing to the Heart: Getting the Most out of Teacher-Principal Relationships

Session 2
Anneke Radin-Snaith, Kristina Saucke — Naples Central School District

In his book Learning by Heart, Roland Barth states that, “The relationship among the adults in the school has more impact on the quality and character of the school - and on the accomplishment of the youngsters - than any other factor.” Most of us are in agreement that schools need to change dramatically in order to prepare students for tomorrow’s world. We also know that changing educational institutions is difficult because people find comfort in familiar routines. Is modeling strong adult relationships one path to transformative change? What kind of work does this take from teachers’ perspectives? From the administrative perspective? How do we genuinely grow positive relationships within teams and among staff? How do we foster relationships that are stereotypically adversarial to create a culture of a single team? Please join us for a conversation about leveraging adult relationships to make our schools places of kindness, curiosity, and community.

Conversational Practice

We’ll begin with a brief overview of Barth’s ideas, then move into a short self reflection protocol, followed by interactive small and large group conversations. Key points will be captured digitally and shared.

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