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Understanding, Intention and Awareness: Lessons for everyone from a therapeutic school

Session 4
Alex Shevrin — Centerpoint School

Centerpoint School is an independent, alternative, therapeutic school in northwest Vermont. We use the frame of understanding, intention and awareness to do our best work, while balancing each student's motivation, skill and capacity. Some of our other approaches include unconditional positive regard, paradoxical interventions, and collaborative problem-solving. Most of what we do at therapeutic school can be translated or adapted into public school settings and support "mainstream" kids. With the current focus in the media on "character education," and the teaching of social-emotional skills, come see how one school is "walking the talk" and how you can too.

Conversational Practice

We'll base our conversation around storytelling, inquiry, and applying the frameworks of therapeutic school to our own work.

Presenter Profiles

Alex Shevrin
Alex Shevrin
Centerpoint School


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