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Working from Color Blind to Color Conscious

Session 5
Adam Holman, Stephanie Cerda — Austin ISD, Manor ISD

How do you get (predominantly white) educators to 'see' color? To be able to hold productive conversations around race? Quality conversations are rare in nearly all schools across the country. Too often talks about race are derailed due to poor execution and/or planning, failing to understand the complex dynamics involved in such discussions. This conversation will help provide participants with the tools needed to begin this much needed dialogue.

Conversational Practice

All participants and attendees will be encouraged to bring an activity, an article, a blog post, a video, etc. to share; that they've found helpful in raising their level of color consciousness. All ideas shared will be collected on a Padlet or similar level platform for curation. Newcomers are strongly encouraged to attend, even if they don’t feel confident sharing, as this conversation is meant to help give all educators some practical tools and conversation starters to bring back to their campus or district.

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Presenter Profiles

Adam Holman
Adam Holman
Assistant Principal, Austin ISD
Stephanie Cerda
Stephanie Cerda
Manor ISD


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