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Women in IT leadership

Session 6
Sandra Paul — NJAET, CoSN, ISTE

It has been recognized that most IT employees are male. How can this be changed? How do we not only encourage our female students to choose IT fields for careers but also provide them opportunities to become leaders in the IT field? Can this exposure be done in any school? Taking a look at our curricula, schools, districts, communities, how can this be changed? As educators we can provide the opportunities for our female students to be exposed to IT jobs and careers in our schools. With Cisco Networking and Oracle Academies, Adobe Creative Suite, Robotics, STEM, more female students can become engineers, technologists, network administrators, etc. In this conversation, we will explore the world or female IT leaders and discuss how we can encourage our female students to become apart and have a voice in this field of the future.

Conversational Practice

This conversation will center on how can we encourage female students to see the potential of entering the IT field as a career. A contributing blog will be developed for participants to make suggestions on how they would more female students involved in technology fields.

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