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Students as Empowered Learners

Session 5
KRISTINA HOLZWEISS — Bay Shore Middle School

This conversation will explain how a school librarian created a student "Techspert" team to offer assistance to their peers and teachers. These "Techsperts" help to manage technology resources in the library makerspace, lead their peers during independent and scheduled learning times, and promote library programming and events through social media.

Participants will gain an understanding of the responsibilities of "techsperts" and ways to empower all students to take ownership for their learning. Participants will also gain an understanding of how to create similar programs in their schools, libraries, and classrooms. Participants will see and be inspired by student testimonial videos created by both techsperts and other student patrons of the library.

Conversational Practice

Flipgrid will be used as a backchannel during the conversation, and also after EduCon to connect student technology trainers from other schools.

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