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Mindset Shift: Bringing Learner-Centered Education to Life

Session 5
Monica Snellings, Bobbi Macdonald — Education Reimagined, City Neighbors Foundation

We see a future in which the education system has been transformed to adapt to the interests, needs, passions, and aspirations of each and every learner. This is a future in which every child is known as being unique, wondrous, and curious. What does it mean to stand for this future? It means stepping into the learner-centered paradigm.

Designed to push thinking and open up new possibilities for what could be, this conversation will focus on elevating the notion of paradigm—and exploring why the education paradigm that we are in makes a difference when we talk about truly putting learners at the center. It will delve into the underlying assumptions about learning and learners that must be shed if we are to shift from a school-centered to a learner-centered paradigm. And, it will grapple with the pivotal role language plays in this shift and what it means for practice. What does a learning experience look like when it begins with the unique learner in front of you? Where do you encounter false examples? What does that mean for talking across paradigm? How might you begin or bolster a conversation within your own community about a new future for learning?

Conversational Practice

Our session will begin with connecting all participants to each other around a common question, allowing them to share as people and not simply session attendees or representative of their organizations. The rest of the session will be intentionally interactive—ranging from pair sharing, to small group exploration, to full-group conversation. The goal will be elevate all of the voices and insights that exist in the room.

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