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Loving the kids who frustrate the heck out of you

Session 4
Alex Shevrin — Centerpoint School

Let's talk about how to care for our most challenging students when our experience teaching them pushes on our best intentions. Let's turn the challenge inward and explore how our approaches to behaviorally challenging students can be supportive, caring, and in the interest of student growth. How are we showing students we care - even when, especially when, they are pushing our buttons? How are we staying in relationship when all the walls are up? How are we responding to challenging behavior - or are we just reacting?

Let's identify and leave behind approaches that are condescending, that perpetuate a savior narrative, that express pity or hopelessness. Let’s share success stories and identify areas for further growth. We’ll take accountability for our own lenses and actions and commit to leaving behind the ones that don’t serve our students - all of our students. Let’s talk about how race, class, ability, and other identities impact our expectations and our actions.

Join me for an honest conversation about how we can move through challenging relationships with students and get to the growth and the joy.

Conversational Practice

We'll use a circle model to dive into some of these hard conversations and give space to all voices in the room.

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