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Learning to Teach in the Project Based Context

Session 2
Rebecca Coven, James Elish, Swetha Narasimhan — Science Leadership Academy at Beeber, The Work Shop School

Student teaching in a PBL school can pose unique challenges. The academic foundations of most teacher education programs are not constructed with PBL in mind. But with the pedagogy gaining popularity, teacher education programs are increasingly placing students PBL schools. In this session, participants will interrogate how student teachers can be better prepared to engage constructively with PBL praxis, what methods mentors/faculty can employ to effectively support student teacher growth, and how PBL based pedagogies can be made more accessible to peer professionals. This session will include brief comments from the conversation leaders, but will largely focus on an open conversation centered on how educational professionals can best share pedagogy and practice with one another.

Conversational Practice

Both presenters and participants will use our collective educational experiences to map the skills that teachers need to thrive within a PBL context. We will begin by critically interrogating the needs of student teachers in adapting to an inquiry model of teaching and learning. Through our own experiences of both being student teachers and teach mentors, we will seek to understand the supports that student teachers need to thrive in this particular context. We will also seek to develop an understanding of the PBL skills student teachers can take with them to other environments.

Presenter Profiles

Rebecca Coven
Rebecca Coven
The Workshop School


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