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Invisible Issues Project

Session 6
Adam Gold — Invisible Issues Foundation

The Invisible Issues program is a collaborative PBL activity that focuses on leadership skills and global awareness. Students work together to form an organization, identify an important invisible humanitarian issue, develop an awareness campaign with the help of college mentors, and complete a formal grant presentation for a panel of judges. This workshop will give educators and administrators a guide to implement this program, including information as to how schools can earn a grant for further support. The grant includes funding for supplies, participation from college mentors, and a charitable contribution to their cause of the winning student group.

Conversational Practice

This conversation will include an interactive demonstration of the Invisible Issues project. We will create our own organizations in the same manner as our students and get a hands-on experience of the Invisible Issues project. Those attending this workshop will also gain an advantage in earning a grant for their school.

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Adam Gold
Adam Gold
Invisible Issues Foundation, Highland Park High School


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