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Get things moving: Theory into action steps

Session 1
Adam Provost — Burlington School District and Partnership for Change in Burlington, VT

Schools are often cultures of 'add.' Initiatives pile on, one after another until people reach the breaking point and the core mission and values begin to drift. 'Time in schools' can be reclaimed to unlock innovation and even, yes, promote civility! I've traveled 54 schools in seven countries, and conducted over 500 interviews exploring innovation in education. What are the trade secrets at these places? What small shifts have they made to unlock innovation and creativity? It's easier than you might think, and changes often comes at little or no cost. We'll explore potential shifts in school schedule, advisory, professional development, capstone / internship opportunities, project choice / interdisciplinary projects, and even food with peers and view innovative approaches from around the globe. Come with questions and frustrations, leave with potential solutions, contacts, and mentors who've traveled these paths.

Conversational Practice

A short presentation to start, followed by a discussion rounds on our topics: Advisory, school schedule, PD, capstone / internships, project choice / interdisciplinary projects, and school lunch. Participants will work on a paper and shared docs. ID topic and problem, explore frustrations (less bitching, more action), see and discuss best practice challenges, and pursue solutions together can bring back to their schools. Leave with best practices, peer contacts, and mentor contacts to get things moving at your school.

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Presenter Profiles

Adam Provost
Adam Provost
Director, Burlington Technical Center, Vermont. President, VITA-Learn.org


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