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Facilitating Successful Learning Through Failure

Session 1
David Truss — Inquiry Hub, Coquitlam Open Learning, School District 43- Coquitlam

Our present education system is built around always finding the ‘right’ answer, but when can the wrong answer be valuable? How can we provide rich, meaningful opportunities for students to make mistakes, iterate, persevere and develop alternative approaches to problems relevant to what they are learning? In this session participants will engage in a team challenge, share stories of learning through failure, and co-develop some alternate language around what we really want to achieve when we discuss learning through failure.

Conversational Practice

My plan: Short intro. 'The human string' challenge. After that size matters:) - How big the group is will help determine the tools we use… Sharing session on learning through failure - group chat, table chat, or google doc Pick one success through failure story to discuss as group or at tables - explore desired learning that you want 'from' failure. (Digital or chart paper & post-its) Frame: We don't want students to fail, but we want students to understand that when your try something epic, your pitfalls and challenges are where the real learning happens. So… Framing question: If we are facilitating successful learning through failure… what is it we are really wanting students to do and learn?

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David Truss
David Truss
Inquiry Hub and Coquitlam Open Learning


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