Joseph Cook

Joseph Cook


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oseph received a Masters from Auburn University in Rhetoric & Composition where he mainly focused on the rhetoric of oppression resistance. While at Auburn University, Cook also taught Composition courses.

Cook has also worked as a Curriculum Facilitator for Lessons 4 Life, a federally funded, sex-education non-profit. He also holds a Bachelor’s in English from Alabama State University.

Currently, Joseph Cook in currently an instructor at a community college in TN. where he teaches, as a Critical Pedagogue, Composition and Literature to approximately 120–150 students a semester. He has five years of teaching experience. In addition, Cook has assisted in organizing a women’s leadership writer’s conference, and the first annual Duck River Writer’s Conference where he also gave a craft talk on creative writing. Cook is also a social justice writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance organization. To date, he has two articles published by Teaching Tolerance, one of which, titled, “The dangerous message some educators send to black students,” has been republished by AlterNet and most recently, The Washington Post.

Joseph oversees the curricular efforts of Being Black at School.

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