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Español-adelphia: Using your city and its resources to create authentic cultural experiences in the World Language classroom

Session 3
Russell Quinones, Sam Sloan, Sean Carr — University of Pennsylvania GSE

We are surrounded by our content outside the four walls of our classroom. The challenge is figuring out how to effectively make our community a part of our students’ learning experience. Through this session, our goal is to model for our participants how we have used the resources in Philadelphia to enhance the curriculum. By the time participants leave, they will have a template for how to do the same in their communities. We will then all share resources in each of our communities on a collaborative google map. The presenters are all high school Spanish teachers in Philadelphia who use the city as their classroom. Through this practice, we aim to show our students that language is not just for one day in the future, but for today. Through various examples, the presenters seek to provide a framework for teachers to use their community as learning spaces, as well.

Conversational Practice

All participants will be encouraged to contribute their own experiences and ideas to this session. Our collective knowledge will be used to create a bank of resources that can be incorporated into the classroom.

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